Octopus Energy Referral Link £50 Credit

Octopus Energy Referral Link £50 Credit – No code needed

Octopus Energy referral link for £50 credit when switching. A code or voucher is not needed. Octopus Energy is one of the best energy suppliers in the UK. If you sign up with them via the link, they will credit you with £50 which you will then use as a discount towards future energy costs.


The link takes you directly to the Octopus Energy website. If you sign up without a referral link you will lose out on the £50. Signing up is easy, you don’t need a discount code or promo voucher, all you do is go to the Octopus Energy website using the link I have provided. Once you have clicked on the link you can check that you really are on the referrals section of the Octopus Energy website.

I have been with Octopus Energy for about seven years. They are not the cheapest but they offer good service. If you contact them via email they will reply within a few hours. I find their support very helpful.

In order to compare energy suppliers it’s useful to find the kWh prices for both gas and electricity and the daily standing charge price. If you just use the suppliers website for comparison, they will usually give you misleading information on how much you can save. All the suppliers will claim that you can save by switching to them!

Some Other UK Energy Suppliers

I compared Octopus to some other energy suppliers and here are the results:

Flow Energy: seems quite good, slightly more expensive than my current Octopus Energy tariff

Ovo Energy: I contacted their support who were very helpful. Their energy prices are surprisingly high.

Avro Energy: their prices are very competitive

Bulb Energy: reasonable prices

Utility Warehouse: I contacted their support and they were slow to reply compared to other energy suppliers

Utilita: have an unusual pricing scheme, where they have no standing charge but they charge extra for the first units used each day. This makes it difficult to compare their prices

First Utility: I looked at review sites and saw bad reviews, so I didn’t consider them

E.On: one of the big six, so I didn’t seriously consider them as I prefer smaller suppliers. Their prices are considerably more expensive than the tariff I’m currently on with Octopus Energy

British Gas: supply electricity as well as gas but I don’t want to use them. Their website was buggy when I tried to use it.

Overall, I’m happy to stay with Octopus Energy, as good support is important.

As I mentioned, they have a referral scheme, where existing Octopus Energy customers can give potential new customers a referral link. If the new customer signs up via the link he/she is credited with £50 by Octopus Energy towards future energy bills.

Here is my Octopus Energy referral link:  https://share.octopus.energy/lemon-snow-194

The link takes you directly to the Octopus Energy website. Signing up with Octopus is easy. They will organise the switch from your existing energy supplier. It will take about three weeks before Octopus Energy becomes your new energy supplier. This is the standard length of time to change supplier.

I hope you use this link to sign up to switch and claim your £50 credit against future energy costs.  You can sign up for a normal or eco-green energy tariff.

octopus energy referral link save energy supplier code voucher

Use this link now to save £50 and get a low cost energy deal from Octopus:


It takes you to the referrals section of the Octopus Energy website.

They are currently doing their Winter Workout with energy saving tips and prizes.

The link is guaranteed to work – no vouchers or codes required.