Experience at EADS on avionics upgrades of the Tornado and Phantom

I worked at EADS during the following periods:

  • Mar 1988 to Dec 1993
  • Sep 1997 to Sep 2004

The division of EADS where I worked was called Military Air Systems, in Ottobrunn near Munich and in Manching. This division is now part of EADS Cassidian.

The first period there I worked on two main projects:

German Phantom F-4 Upgrade

Worked on the upgrade to the avionics; the mission computer, radar (Hughes APG-65), inertial navigation, AMRAAM, CADC, cockpit displays. Was involved with updating the software requirements, software design, programming in C and assembler, testing and bug fixing. This involved working in the avionics test rig with real and simulated avionics equipment. Also gained experience of MIL-1553 bus and associated test equipment such as AIDASS.


Tornado Upgrade

Worked in the department for development of the weapon systems, in particular the HARM (High Speed Anti Radiation) missile. Worked on the routing of messages via “MIL-1553” avionics bus. Performed software requirements, design using a tool called Promod, programming in C, assembler and Ada.

The second period at EADS I worked on the following:

Greek Phantom F-4 Upgrade

I worked on the software requirements, programming and test of the following:

  • Aircraft Radar (“APG-65”)
  • Airborne Laser Designator (Rafael)
  • Air-to-Air Missiles (AMRAAM)
  • Autonomous Free-flight Dispenser System (LFK/AFDS)
  • Inertial Navigation System (INS)
  • Central Air Data Computer (CADC)

The software was developed in Ada83 on Sun/Solaris workstations.

Have experience programming with “Ada-83” and “Ada-95”.

Most of this work was carried out at EADS in Manching.

Also worked in Haifa, Israel at the premises of the main supplier, Elbit Systems.


More Tornado development

I then worked on the Tornado’s Fast Emitter Location System (FELS) and the Solid State Data Recorder.

When working on avionics projects it always involves integration, rig testing, validation to “DO-178”, quality assurance, flight testing and lots of documentation.