Software Engineering Services

Software engineering services

I offer software engineering services including requirements, software development, testing, quality assurance and documentation.

I’m based in the historic city of York in the UK.

Most of my experience has been with technical systems, such as mobile devices, avionics, vehicles, communication systems and satellite systems, but I offer my services for any type of software.

I can perform validation against specifications such as DO-178B and MISRA.

I also offer services for testing PC applications, Android and iPad / iPhone apps.

Here are some of my main areas of software engineering expertise in more detail:

  • Requirements Analysis
  • Requirements Based Testing
  • Unit Testing
  • Software Quality Assurance
  • Software Validation (DO-178, MISRA, LDRA, VectorCast)
  • DO-178B for avionics
  • MISRA for cars
  • Application Testing
  • System Testing
  • Technical documentation
  • Technical translations
  • Studies, reports
  • Research & development
  • Writing technical bids / offers
  • Creation of websites (HTML, CSS, Javascript, MySQL)

Why should you use me for your software development or testing?

The main reason is efficiency. Maybe you are the manager of a small software development team. The developers spend all day writing software, because that’s what programmers like to do. They don’t like to perform testing or write documentation. That’s where I can help you.

Rather than taking on an expensive employee to do this work which may just last a few weeks or a few months, why not just sub-contract it to me?

I offer my services on a remote basis, i.e. I do most of the work at my site in York, although the occasional visit to your site may be possible.

I suggest that it is best to start small on a new testing project. You supply me with a few files to be tested and I give you the results within a few days. Then, if both sides are satisfied, we can plan further steps.

Some of the software engineering areas I am familiar with:

  • Specifications: DO-178B, MISRA, High Integrity C++
  • Test & Validation Tools: LDRA, VectorCast, Cpp-Unit, NUnit
  • Requirements Analysis: DOORS, Microsoft Office
  • Software Development: Visual Studio, Eclipse, Green Hills Multi
  • Software Quality Assurance: PC-Lint
  • Traceability: Reqtify

Note, you will have to supply me with a valid software license for the tools you want me to use.

My guarantee

That I will not re-use or re-sell any of your software, concepts or requirements.

That I will keep your confidential all project and all files and document supplied to me.

That I will work in a careful and precise manner, according to normal software development practices.

My experience

My experience is in the area of technical software development, which includes the following:

  • embedded systems
  • mobile devices (phones, iPad, Android), also Phonegap applications
  • radio systems
  • software defined radio
  • avionics
  • satellite ground station
  • car systems, including navigation and GPS
  • air traffic control
  • digital signal processing
  • industrial control systems
  • networks, telephone switches
  • websites

I have thirty years of experience working at some of the top European companies, such as EADS, Rohde & Schwarz, Siemens and MTU Aero Engines.

software engineering real time

Contact me

If you think I could help you, I would be interested to hear from you.

I can offer you my services at a reasonable hourly rate.

I don’t insist on a detailed contract, a short statement of work and a signature from your company is all I require to start work.

If you would like to contact me, use the contact form. I’d be pleased to hear from you.

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