Experience at Siemens

I worked at several branches of Siemens on different projects. Most of the time I was based in Munich.

Siemens Network Systems

Worked on the development of an ATM-Switch. My task was the integration of the real-time operating system, which was pSOS, from Integrated Systems. This project involved writing software in C++. Implemented regression test software which ensured that the real time operating system was operating correctly in the target environment.

Siemens Automation

Worked on the development of software for automation machines, which place electronic components on printed circuit boards. This involved writing software in C for the RMOS real-time operating system.

Siemens-VDO (previously Mannesmann-VDO)

Development of a GPS vehicle navigation system.

Wrote several patents, together with colleagues.


Also worked on this project at Mannesmann Pilotentwicklung GmbH in Munich. Did research and development of an “off-board” navigation system, which received the navigation waypoints via SMS from a central base station, which seemed like a good idea at the time 🙂

Siemens Low level Air Control System (SILLACS)

Worked on the built in test and documentation for this air traffic control system. My documentation became part of the official documentation for this system.

Made some software updates to the built-in test, which was written in assembler.

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