Software Quality Assurance

Software Quality Assurance

I offer software quality assurance services.

I have experience with tools such as PC-Lint to analyse your software and can investigate the problems found by the tool and make corrections and suggestions for improvements.

I can also perform code walk-throughs (manual code reviews) on your code and make written suggestions for improvements. I can also improve the documentation of the code, both within the code and separately.

Can also run tools such as LDRA to analyze your software. More importantly, I can analyze the results and provide detailed information on how to improve the software.

Quality assurance for applications such as aero-engines:


Can optimize your software to make it more efficient and run faster.

Note that when tools such as LDRA are required, I will have to be provided with a valid license.

I can check that your software complies to coding rules and other standards.

Information about PC-Lint and FlexeLint for C/C++ can be found here:

Also have experience testing to “DO-178B” Level-A and MISRA.

I can also provide software quality assurance for any sort of technical software, such as mobile phone applications (iOS, Android), windows/mac/linux applications and any sort of mobile or embedded system.

Let me know your software quality assurance (QA) needs.

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