Software Consultant, Real-Time Embedded, Test, Quality Assurance, DO178

Software Consultant, real-time embedded software (also MISRA, “DO-178B”)

I am a software consultant, currently working from my office in France.

I offer consulting services in the areas of software requirements, software design, programming, testing, quality assurance, validation, documentation and translation.

My experience is mainly in the area of technical software, but I offer my services for all types of software.

My experience has been in avionics (military upgrade programmes for EADS), communication systems (first at Racal and later at Rohde and Schwarz in Munich).

I worked in several areas at Siemens in Munich, including an air traffic control system, vehicle navigation using GPS, network systems where I worked on an ATM-Switch, in particular the integration of the pSOS real-time operating system.

Recently I worked at MTU Aero Engines on a project to test the software of the engines of the A400M military aircraft. This involved unit testing of the software to “DO-178B” Level-A.

Have experience with many different tools for software development. In the area of software requirements this is mainly DOORS, a requirements tool from IBM.

In the area of software design and architecture I have experience with the UML tools Enterprise Architect, Rational Rose and Rhapsody.

For software development I have experience with Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse, Green Hills Multi and others.

I also have a lot of experience of debugging, both on host computers and with the Lauterbach “trace-32” emulator.

I have experience with “DO-178” (also written DO178 or DO178B). This is an important specification for the procedure of developing software for airborne systems. It is also applicable to many other military systems.

I have used tools for software test and quality assurance. These tools include the tools from LDRA and VectorCast. I have used these tools for testing according to “DO-178B” (DO178B).

There is now a new version of the “DO178” specification which is “DO178C”. This DO178C was introduced recently and is a long overdue update to DO178B.

Have also been involved with traceability for “DO-178B”. This involves tracing of requirements to code, to tests, to design, etc.

I have experience of software quality assurance for DO178B. This also involved using the tools from LDRA. I also have quality assurance (QA) experience using tools such as PC-Lint.

I also have a lot of experience with technical documentation, ranging from writing software requirements to test procedures. I can also offer my services for translation of technical documents from German into English.

I lived in Germany for 24 years (and I miss living there!).

I offer contract software services, mainly from my home office with occasional visits to the customer. If you are interested, please use the contact form.