Intel XDK – a nice development environment for mobile apps

Intel XDK

I’ve started using Intel XDK which I find a nice environment for developing mobile applications.

It’s based on developing mobile apps using existing web technologies, such as HTML5, Javascript and CSS.

This has the advantage that the apps can easily be deployed on different platforms, such as iOS for the iPad / iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, etc and you don’t have to learn specialized languages such as Objective-C for iOS.

The environment includes Phonegap/Cordova, which allows the apps to access the mobile device’s hardware (such as camera, accelerometer, etc) and its software (such as contacts, file system, etc).

The environment includes a graphical application for the design of GUIs, which, unsurprisingly is called “App Designer”. When a new project is started with App Designer, the user is given the choice of one of four frameworks (App Framework, Bootstrap, jQuery Mobile, Topcoat) for the GUI elements you wish to use.

The environment is well presented with a good help, including videos and forums. The Intel XDK is obviously being actively developed by Intel, as can be seen from the forums. The Intel developers themselves often answer the questions on the forums.

If you would like me to develop an application or other technical projects, you can contact me.


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