Europe Airpost – an airline to avoid

Europe Airpost – an airline to avoid

We recently went to Greece with the airline Europe Airpost and it was an awful experience.

Coming back from Greece the aircraft was delayed for a couple of hours due to technical problems. When it finally arrived we thought that there would be no further problems and that we would soon be leaving. We were wrong.

The pilot started the engines and then shut them down again and announced more technical problems. After starting and stopping the engines several more times they decided to depart. It was dark and raining hard. The departure was awful. We weren’t sure that the old aircraft was going to make it. The aircraft creaked in a frightening way. Even the flight attendants seemed worried. Nobody spoke during the whole flight to the next island. All the passengers seemed worried. I fly a lot and I was worried too.

Europe Airpost seems to be an airline run on a shoe-string with old aircraft, such as 737s.

I think this airline is a disaster waiting to happen.  You should avoid it.