Bouygues Telecom Bbox are terrible: avoid them

Bouygues Telecom and their terrible service

We use a telephone service provider in France called Bouygues Telecom.  They are absolutely terrible. We have their ADSL box which they call the Bbox. It has been broken for the last six weeks! We have been without telephone and internet for six weeks. Their service is really bad. We phone them nearly every day to ask about the status of the problem, but they don’t seem to know what to do. If you phone them you have to wait and wait before you can speak to anyone. This is presumably because of the large number of people calling to complain.

So, if you live in France and are thinking of using Bouygues Telecom, you should think again. You will regret it if you use this company. If this article just stops a few people from starting new contracts with Bouygues it will have been worth writing it.

Companies in France are notoriously lazy and slow, but Bouygues Telecom is the worst I have come across.

Bouygues pronounce their name something like “bwig”, but unfortunately they don’t just have a ridiculous name, they have ridiculously bad service too.

We are going to cancel our contract with them. Currently investigating alternatives such as SFR, Orange and Free.

Bouygues have a shop in the town were we live. I went there to ask if they could help, but they said they could not. You have to call their useless hotline and waste lots of time.

Update: it’s now five weeks since our Bbox stopped working and still no help from Bouygues Telecom. Calling them has become a daily ritual.

Je ne recommande pas Bouygues Telecom, évitez !!!!

Bouygues Telecom and the technician who did not come

It’s now six weeks without telephone and internet. I thought things were getting better, because last Friday Bouygues said that they would send a technician to our house on Monday morning at 9 am. Things are looking good, I thought. However, 9 am came and went without a technician. He didn’t come and he Bouygues sent no message to say that he was no longer coming. I waited at home for him all day.

It’s now Tuesday and I made my daily call to Bouygues Telecom. I called their hotline. After one hour and fifteen minutes somebody answered. I asked about the technician. They offered no apologies and said that the earliest possible date is now Friday morning. I calmly told them that we have been without telephone and internet for six weeks, but they did not care.

Update: it’s now Friday and the technician did not come. I was not very surprised.

Bouygues Telecom and the worst excuse ever

As you can imagine, we are going to cancel our contract with Bouygues Telecom. In the contract it states that if the telephone/internet have been out of service for a month, we have the right to cancel the contract without penalties. As this is the case, we asked them to confirm this. Their answer was incredible: they said that they do an automated testing of the line and their records show that two weeks ago, for about 2 hours there was a working connection. For this reason, we have no right to cancel the contract without penalties, because the line has to be completely non functional for the whole month. Sigh…..

Changed to Orange Telecom

We changed to Orange Telecom and are very happy with them.

We are very pleased to have got rid of Bouygues, the worst company in France.